Information for MA Students

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Information for PhD Students

If you are still working on your dissertation at the end of your fourth year in the PhD program, you will need to apply for extra time. Fill out a form called “petition for extension of program time limits,” which you can find here:

Ask your supervisor and the graduate coordinator to sign your form. The form asks you to attach your most recent Advisory Committee Report, but our Department does not require this document. While we would advise checking with the current Grad Coordinator or Graduate Assistant to confirm, the Department will likely include your most recent PhD progress report with the petition for extension.

After your fourth year in the program, you may wish to switch your status from full time to part time. Switching from full time status to part time status will not affect your teaching opportunities because you become a sessional instructor. Part time students continue to receive health and dental benefits, but part time student cards cannot be used as bus passes. Be aware that switching to part time may affect your eligibility for scholarships, but most of the major funding bodies do not offer funding for upper year students.  

Check the deadline for changing your status on the calendar of Academic Deadlines and Events.

The 2015 fall deadline for changing your status to part time was November 1.

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